Outdoor Advertising in Southampton

Outdoor advertising in Southampton at affordable rates

Prominent billboard locations available to local businesses

Amplify Outdoor are a local, family run billboard advertising company with prominent outdoor advertising locations around Southampton. We have the ability to put your business in front of millions of potential customers.

Billboards situated on the main arterial roads into and out of the City. Giving your business the opportunity to get noticed on a large scale.

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Some benefits of using outdoor advertising in Southampton


Businesses using outdoor advertising in and around Southampton are trusted by people who see them due to the mass brand awareness they achieve.

High Visibility

Billboards are massive and highly visible. Furthermore, You cannot switch a billboard off unlike TV or radio.

Safe Sounding board

Using outdoor advertising in Southampton provides a safe place for you to promote your business. You wouldn’t get misplaced comments, opinions or content surrounding your message that you would see on social media.

Prime billboard advertising locations

Affordable to local businesses

Locations available now

You ad seen by motorists and pedestrians

Let us put you in front of millions of potential customers in Southampton

How much will outdoor advertising in Southampton cost my business?

As with any form of outdoor advertising, there’s not a standard cost for advertising on billboards in Southampton. Ultimately the costs vary depending on many factors.

These are:

  1. The type of outdoor advertising – some outdoor advertising formats are more than expensive than others. Its often determined by the number of people likely to see your billboard advert. Options such as digital billboards are more expensive than a traditional 48 sheet advertising campaign. For more information about this please get in touch.
  2. Size of poster – typically the larger the advertising space the more you pay. For more information about posters sizes in general, read here.
  3. Amount of sites – The number of posters sites you want to book will impact the cost. We often recommend that you take a number of sites will increase the “opportunities to see” your advert.
  4. Campaign length – this is basically how long you want your campaign to run for. Most billboard and poster campaigns run for a minimum of 2 weeks although we often suggest longer cycles than this for better results.
  5. Location – where you want the adverts to run. Often large towns and cities are more expensive – as they are likely to be seen by many more eyeballs.
  6. Digital or traditional billboards – sometimes choosing a digital or a paper and paste billboard can affect the cost.

For a more detailed breakdown of the variables affecting billboard costs, in general,  drop us a message today. 

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At the Roadside

48 sheet and 96 sheet Billboard situated on the major arterial rods into and out of the City.


Outdoor advertising locations situated near shopping locations. These will be able to influence purchasing decisions at point of sale.


Close to Student accommodation and near to Universities, billboards will entice a sociable crowd to bars and restaurants.

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