outdoor advertising ideas

outdoor advertising ideas

Effective outdoor advertising ideas for local businesses

In this post we have put together some effective outdoor advertising ideas for small businesses, Consumers see hundreds of OOH adverts every day as they move around the local area and it’s the perfect platform to grab the attention of your target audience and make them remember you.

What is Outdoor advertising?

Outdoor advertising, also known as out-of-home (OOH) advertising, is a term that describes any type of advertising that reaches a consumer when they are outside of the home.

OOH adverts are considered to be a mass market advertising medium. Furthermore, It reaches a large, relevant audience which has been successful at building brands.

Outdoor advertising ideas and examples

  • OOH adverts to build brand awareness

Nowadays people spend most of their time outside of the home, which makes OOH adverts one of the best media channels to raise brand awareness. It is uniquely efficient since it is located in close proximity to the point of purchase (POP) of consumers. Studies by Outsmart show that 72% of consumers can be swayed towards another brand and product when recently seen on OOH adverts.

  • Directional billboards

Directional billboards are most commonly used close to the businesses premises.

OOH adverts can be directional and signpost more potential customers to local businesses looking to point out their location. They are great for featuring store openings and attracting more attention within the immediate vicinity.

  • Local billboard coverage

The most cost effective way to reach your target audience within the local area. Use multiple locations on main arterial roads into and out of  your Town Or City.

  • Regional billboard coverage

Regional coverage gives you the opportunity to use OOH adverts within all the main towns and cities of a particular region. Furthermore, This method is great if your target market is willing to drive distances to purchase your product or service.

 Our latest outdoor advertising ideas and opportunities

6 sheets

6 sheets are glass covered advertising units and measure 1.2m wide x 1.8m high.  Generally situated on the high street engaging with pedestrians. These act at point of sale signposting people to your place of business and altering their purchasing decisions whilst they are in a buying frame of mind. Amplify Outdoor have 6 sheets along the South in towns where there are very little outdoor advertising assets allowing business to use creative and high impact creatives to engage their key audience.

48 sheet OOH adverts

48 sheet billboard is large format advertising display intended for viewing from extended distances. These are found near roadsides, High traffic count areas, Main arterial roads and highly populated areas. This is one of the types of outdoor advertising preferred by national brands and local businesses. You can find our 48 sheet advertising locations get in touch with us for a media pack.

96 sheet

96 sheet billboard is large format advertising display intended for viewing from extended distances and twice as large as a 48 sheet. Furthermore, Measuring 40ft x 10ft this billboard size has a truly massive impact on the urban, media landscape. 96 sheet billboards are ideal  to build brand fame for your business within the local area, They add prestige whilst maintain brand awareness at the same time.

You can view a complete breakdown of all of the types of OOH adverts on the specification and dimensions page.

So why do these types of Outdoor advertising ideas work for local businesses?

  1. Firstly, They deliver your message to today’s highly mobile audience who are spending more time driving than ever before.
  2. Secondly, OOH adverts deliver maximum exposure of your message to a high % of your target audience.
  3. It broadcasts a local message to your key geographical area.
  4. Outdoor advertising targets consumers who are in a buying frame of mind and reaches out to them when at point of sale.
  5. OOH adverts engage with a mass audience, Reaching all ethnicity, all income groups and demographic status.
  6. These types of outdoor advertising will get your message out to the masses quickly and can produce results swiftly.
  7. Finally, Outdoor advertising is cost effective and high impact, mainly because these adverts offer repeated exposure to the same people commuting to and from work every day.

Finally, We know that our outdoor advertising ideas can reach out to your key demographic, drive product sales, drive footfall. It can bring a great return on investment for your advertising spend.

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