Outdoor advertising for colleges

Outdoor advertising for colleges and universities to engage prospective students

Outdoor advertising for Colleges and other educational bodies

In this very competitive environment outdoor advertising for Colleges, Universities, Schools and other educational bodies is a must in order to attract prospective students to chose them over their competitors.

Higher education is still a high priority amongst 18 year olds

Since the government introduced the university tuition fees, you would think that the amount of interest in further education has dropped? In fact this is not the case as applications from 18 year olds has only dropped a fraction by 1%. So there still is a huge demand for places. Billboard advertising can definitely engage this highly alert and mobile audience who want to further their knowledge and education.

Competition to attract interest from prospective students is fiercer than ever. Colleges and universities are needing to stay one step ahead when it comes to marketing.

How can the education sector engage prospective students?

By using billboards and outdoor advertising for Colleges, Universities and schools they can create a huge opportunity to engage future students and a stay step ahead of their competitors.

The massive impact that an outdoor advertising campaign has, undoubtably increases the chance of engagement amongst young people due to the fact that they spend most of their waking life outside socialising with friends, shopping and more likely to see an outdoor poster.

The youth are always on the move!!!

The youth audience enjoy exploring their new found freedom and independence. They spend a vast amount of time out and about with friends at  cinemas, cafes and shopping centres, and generally hang around in public areas.

Therefore, outdoor advertising gives colleges, schools and universities an amazing opportunity to place their relevant and creative advertising message where it will get noticed by their key demographic.

Outdoor advertising constantly delivers your message 

Billboards will engage prospective students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There’s no turning off your advertising message which happens with radio and TV. The page of a newspaper or magazine can get turned over, Your advert will also get lost amongst competitors and editorial.

Also remember.. Do newspapers really get read by your target audience?????

 Don’t forget the parent plays a big part in their child’s education

Parents will always be heavily involved in the decision process when it comes to which college, university or school their child goes to.  Billboards seen by parents and their children on the school run, shopping or as they move around the local area can engage conversations and lead to decisions.  They will also be present for open days and events.

In summary….. Outdoor advertising for colleges and universities is a must and should be on their marketing plan.

A young person starting to think about his/her future and in the process of applying for further education is at a perfect age for noticing, being exposed to and engaging with a relevant billboard message.

Before and during the enrolment period, they will be paying attention to advertising messages within their usual surroundings. They will also see the same advert multiple times throughout the day meaning they will be constantly reminded and  have a greater to recall of the advertising message.

Amplify Outdoor work with a great amount of Colleges, Schools, Independent Schools, Universities and other educational bodies to raise awareness of new courses, enrolment, apprenticeships, open days/evenings and have found great success from their campaigns. Please feel free to check out some of our testimonials here or please get in touch for more information on outdoor advertising for colleges, universities and  how we can engage your key demographic.

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