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Buying a local outdoor advertising campaign

You may think that booking outdoor ads can be confusing, So here’s a straightforward guide to buying a local outdoor advertising campaign for your business.

Start at the beginning when buying an outdoor advertising campaign

The type of product or service that you offer will influence what sort of outdoor ads you need to buy. You may be a bathroom showroom that stock high end products and thus need to engage with an affluent audience, a local gym wanting to attract fitness fanatics, A college hoping to reach out to 16-18 year olds, or an estate agent looking to build brand awareness within the local area.

You need to understand your demographic, the local area and where these people are situated when planning a local outdoor advertising campaign.

Need help with this? We can pinpoint the whereabouts of your audience and where you need to talk to them through outdoor ads. We can also help with your brand search activity as outdoor ads drive a +17% uplift from consumers on their smartphones.

Designing outdoor ads that create attention

You need a catchy advert that engages with your target audience in a short space of time. To find out more we have collated an in depth guide to creating and effective billboard advert.

How successful are outdoor ads

Outdoor advertising campaign size: local or regional

Local campaign

Let’s say that you audience is situated within a 5 mile radius from your premises and you want to signpost potential customers to your place of business, Then a local campaign with a few billboards in the immediate vicinity  is perfect for you.

Using Outdoor ads to signpost customers is very useful if your location doesn’t have much organic footfall.

Regional campaign

Let’s say you’re a tourist attraction who’s target market is a 2-3 hour drive, Then using Outdoor advertising in multiple Towns and Cities in a particular region is the way to go. You will be engaging with a large, relevant audience

Finding the right locations for your outdoor advertising campaign

The next step would be to get in touch with us, we will discuss in detail as to what you want to achieve and recommend the right locations within your area and campaign length based on your needs.

You may have found the locations of the outdoor ads yourself, so lets discuss the advertising design in order to attract the right people.


How much does an outdoor advertising campaign cost?

The costs depend on the scale of your campaign, Some factors to consider:—

  • The amount of outdoor ads that you want to book
  • The size of the outdoor ads
  • The production of the posters
  • Who is designing your advert
  • The length of your outdoor advertising campaign

The below should give you a good idea of how much a campaign might cost :-

6 sheet outdoor ads – £250+vat per 2 weeks

48 sheet billboard  – £350+vat per 2 weeks

96 sheet billboard – £600+vat per 2 weeks

We do offer great packages and discounts on the above if you are buying multiple outdoor ads. Booking billboards on a long term basis also applies a discount.

How long does an outdoor advertising campaign last?

It depends on your needs, but outdoor ads are typically booked on a 2 week basis. As mentioned the cost of your outdoor advertising campaign is discounted when you book multiple locations or longer terms.

This doesn’t just save you money, it helps you reap the benefits of long-term brand awareness.

You might just want to run a high impact campaign for 2 weeks to drive a boost in sales or promote an event or open day.

Designing your advert

If you don’t have a design team, you could hire an external agency or freelance designer to create your advert, or Alternatively, we can design it for you based on your brief and needs.

What’s my next step?

If you have never used outdoor ads before and considering to try it, you will open your business up to millions of potential customers and engage them through a high impact and successful advertising medium.

Contact us and we will gladly answer any questions that you have. Being a local, independent outdoor ads company we have a great knowledge of your area and demographic.

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