Out of home advertising trends

Out of home advertising trends for local businesses

We take a look at the out of home advertising trends for local businesses and why more and more companies are starting to prefer billboards over other forms of media.

Newspaper readerships are always on the decline

With the digital age, newspapers and other forms of printed media have seen a massive drop in readership figures. Furthermore, the rates to advertise remains the same. Local businesses have become savvy to this and have found that billboards have been a success for them with a great return on their investment.

The reason- people are spending more and more time out of the home, and thus will more often than not engage with a billboard advertising message as they commute around their local area.


Out of home advertising trends – Booking billboards long term

Local businesses are seeing fantastic benefits of booking billboards on a long term basis and there is a big trend in securing prime locations for 6 – 12 months.

Why are businesses booking billboards on a long term basis?

  • Firstly, It familiarises people in the local area with your brand and business.
  • Secondly, Your business engages with new customers whilst keeping you on the radar of existing customers.
  • Repetition, Repetition, Repetition. Long term advertising get your advertising message embedded into the minds of thousands of potential customers.
  • Finally, Adds prestige to your business. Long term advertising creates legitimacy and makes your business and brand trustworthy to deal with.

Out of home advertising trends – Booking billboards for  events and open days. 

Businesses are starting to use billboards two weeks prior to their event or open day and this gets them one step ahead within the local community. Engaging tourists and residents when they at their most alert moving around the local area.

Why are businesses booking billboards for their events?

  • Advertising local events on billboards doesn’t need big budgets. Billboard advertising is a high impact, low-cost way to spread the word within the local community
  • Billboards offers flexibility. You can choose the perfect location to get relevant eyeballs and engagement of your target audience.

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