How to lease billboard space

Lease your billboard space for a much higher rental income

Amplify Outdoor have over 20 years experience within the outdoor advertising industry. We offer landlords very generous incomes when they are looking to lease their billboard space.

We pay an above market rental income along with a much better local service.

Are you already getting an income from billboards with another company?

If you currently have a billboard with another company and they’ve stopped paying the rent or caused any other breaches, we would love to chat with you.

We would be interested in taking over the space and paying you a larger rental income than you are currently getting.

Amplify Outdoor will guide you through the whole process

We manage advertising on many billboards throughout the UK. Therefore, if you’re looking to work with an experienced outdoor advertising partner lets talk.

One of the best ways of earning an extra income is to lease billboard space on your property. If your property is situated near a busy roadside or in highly populated area, then please get in touch with the Amplify team today. Furthermore, we are a family run outdoor advertising company who believe you should get the rental income that you deserve.

Is it easy to lease billboard space to Amplify Outdoor?

High rents paid

Current landlord testimonials provided

All sites considered

Get the revenue that you deserve

What kind of income would I receive to lease billboard space on my property?

Receiving an income from billboards is a really easy way of earning a substantial residual income from a piece of land or your property.

Amplify Outdoor strongly believe that landlords should get what they deserve from their space. Furthermore, We pay an above market rental and always pay in advance.

Its a novelty in property dealings when you look to lease billboard space. Property owners will look to achieve a higher revenue if their billboard location happens to be in a strategic location.

We at Amplify tend to use a simple equation when determining the value of the billboard space. These include:

  1. The potential income that our clients would pay for the advertising space.
  2. Secondly, The value of the business rates attached to the billboard space.
  3. Installation costs of the advertising structure.

These are a few things to consider but please get in touch with Amplify for a full proposal on 01202 670687 or


Consider the period of the lease

We will guide you through every step of the process and get you maximum value when you lease billboard space. Whatever works for you and what you feel comfortable with.
The options include:-

Long term Leasehold with a large upfront payment.

Short term rental agreement.

Long term lease with the rent paid quarterly in advance.

If you have land, we would consider purchasing the freehold from you.

Sometimes, getting more revenue from your real estate can seem quite difficult but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re looking to lease billboard space then talk to us for an honest proposal.

Make your property work for you! All you have to do is to contact our team and we will offer you a free assessment of your location.

Earn an extra income without lifting a finger!

Rent your billboard to a local company

larger rent paid

Get paid on time

All locations considered

The process to lease billboard space

We are passionate about expanding our portfolio with new and existing sites, while offering the landlord a great income from billboards along with a great service.

All we would need from you is the address and we can perform a site evaluation.

The Amplify team will:-

  • Carry out a survey of the location to identify the best position for the billboard.
  • Secondly, We would determine if the site is suitable for a digital screen or traditional billboard. Moreover, We would be able to offer you more rent to lease your billboard space if it had a digital screen potential.
  • Where necessary obtain planning consent or change of use should we upgrade to digital..
  • Design and install of the billboard.Furthermore, The costs would be covered by Amplify.
  • Once installed, Constant maintenance so they look neat and tidy on your property.

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