target millennials with outdoor advertising

How to target millennials with outdoor advertising

You can target millennials with outdoor advertising when they are socialising. Millennials are the most talked about generation at the moment. Businesses and brands are constantly looking for ways to engage this audience.

This generation is born between 1980 & 2000 and the United kingdom has nearly 14 million millennials residing at present, Imagine tapping into this marketplace who like to spend and try new things!!

Millennials are unlikely to read newspapers, glossy magazines or watch television, They probably have never seen a Yellow Pages in their life.

So how do we interact and engage with this tech savvy, active and social audience?

Enter stage right – Outdoor advertising. OOH provides effective and engaging advertising methods right at the heart of where millennials frequent, shop, socialise, study etc etc

Why should you target millennials with outdoor advertising?

The simple fact, they trust it.

56% of millennials trust the advertising format and 58% act on it. Outdoor advertising alters their purchasing decisions, signposts them to restaurants and nightclubs etc.

This is very interesting when you think about the digital age that we are in, millennials are massive users of online but do not trust banner ads, sponsored posts on social media, in app advertising to name a few.

Where do you target millennials with outdoor advertising?

You need to do some research as to where the best outdoor advertising location(s) are in order to engage with this target market. If you need help, Amplify Outdoor can guide you through this process by using our demographic mapping tool along with 20 years of local knowledge. Please contact us for more information.

Close to Schools, Colleges, Universities and other educational bodies are excellent locations for engaging millennials. The younger audience with their newly found freedom are very keen to try new things and spend.

Millennials would also rather visit shopping centres with friends than to purchase something online. Capturing their attention with outdoor advertising as they travel towards the vicinity to shopping centres, retail outlets and the high street will encourage their purchasing decisions.

You can also think about putting your advertising message close to Bars, Restaurants, Cinemas, the Gym and leisure parks as they meet up with and socialise with friends.

You can also pick up some useful information on our how do i promote my business on a billboard page.

Creativity to engage millennials with outdoor advertising?

You have booked the ideal outdoor advertising location so do not waste the opportunity. Time to make sure that your advertising content has creativity to engage with this high spending audience.

You should look to create an innovative advert that relates to the millennial demographic. Do not forget that this audience are high users of social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc etc). Furthermore, They have the ability to share your message and content amongst friends mainly of the same age.

Ways to create your advert

Utilise your own designers or employ a freelance to design an advert that ticks all the boxes.We will always be on hand with some useful insights and guidance if needed. There are also some handy guidelines on our creating an effective billboard advert page

Use Us – At a small cost you can tap into over 20 years of experience within the outdoor advertising industry. We will work off your advertising brief that has information about the product that you want to deliver along with the main geographical location that you want to target.

Millennials love scoping out a deal

This of course is no different to the other demographics. But they are mainly students and/or on low incomes at their current stage in life and career. You can’t beat a good deal for driving brand awareness and engagement.

Consider adding a great offer to your outdoor advertising campaign. Your billboard will not only be seen, it will be talked about a great deal. Furthermore, It will be the subject of huge discussion on social media.

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