How to buy outdoor advertising

How to buy outdoor advertising

We often get asked by businesses about how to buy outdoor advertising. This is mainly from  businesses who haven’t used this form of advertising before.

The answer that we always give is “its easy peasy”. But it can be difficult to achieve a successful campaign without some knowledge of the basics.

Amplify Outdoor has a strong desire to make outdoor advertising affordable to businesses of all sizes and we believe that billboards shouldn’t be just available to big national brands.

We also make the outdoor advertising buying process easy and straight forward, from choosing the right location all the way through to the printing and posting of your advert.

How to buy outdoor advertising

How to buy outdoor advertising – Top tips

Book in advance

The truth of the matter is outdoor advertising works and has been so successful for national brands and local businesses for decades.

So how to buy outdoor advertising? Buy and secure your space well in advance thats how.

You know that billboard down the road, just outside your competitor, facing traffic heading in your direction? Your best chance of securing it is to plan well ahead before someone else snaps it up.

Each billboard can only be sold to one advertiser for each slot. So book in advance to get the perfect location and the dates that you want to avoid disappointment.

Book a location(s) on a long term basis

One of the benefits of booking a billboard on a long term basis is building brand awareness. It will familiarise audiences with your brand and your message over an extended period of time.

You may reap the benefits of a well-placed two-week advertising campaign, only to have your spot taken by a competitor for a long-term making the space unavailable for the distant future.

Amplify Outdoor also offer great discounts and packages for taking a billboard(s) on a long term basis, so not only do you get the benefit of securing the perfect location over a long period, you also get to save money. Long term is a key factor on how to buy outdoor advertising.

Signpost customers to your business

Businesses like McDonald’s use billboards and phone boxes to direct footfall to their nearest restaurant. This isn’t just a tactic for large advertisers, Small to medium size businesses within the local area do this religiously, They book a billboard location on a long term basis close to their business to signpost customers within the immediate area.


How to buy outdoor advertising for your business

Use a local outdoor advertising company over a national provider

Local outdoor advertising companies have a great local knowledge of your area. This is obviously  an important element when delivering a successful outdoor advertising campaign. When speaking with national companies you will speak to a sales rep that has never even stepped foot in your area. So how can they recommend the right billboard(s) for your business!!!!!!!

Amplify Outdoor haven’t got thousands of billboards within our portfolio. We cherry pick our locations that are perfect for businesses within the local area. All are situated on main arterial roads with the highest of traffic counts. National providers tend to have a lot of locations that do not face head on to oncoming traffic, face the wrong way down a one way street or in industrial areas with very low traffic counts.

Being a local outdoor advertising company, our mission is to make billboard affordable to businesses of all sizes. Why should they only be affordable to big, national brands.

We offer discounts for multiple billboard advertising locations and longer term bookings.

Sizing all this up, another big issue is national providers use third party billposters and more often than not fall off during your campaign. Feel free to find out more information about why you should choose a local outdoor advertising company

These are just a few tips on how to buy outdoor advertising for your business. If you have any questions at all please feel free to get in touch.

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