how to buy billboard space

How to buy billboard space for your business

A lot of companies do not know how to buy billboard space for their business. Some feel that billboard advertising can be a minefield, especially if they have never used it before. At Amplify Outdoor we have put together a simple guide below on how to buy billboard space. We want to show you how straightforward it is.


What is billboard advertising?

We see billboards everywhere, whether we’re driving through town or walking down the high street. Billboard advertising can come in all shapes and sizes. Unlike TV and radio, they are always on display, 24/7. Its always visible to those who pass by and that’s why it’s important to look closely at our tips on how to buy billboard space.

Which is the best format for my business?

On of the most popular outdoor formats, billboards are positioned on walls and stand at the roadside for all to see. They feature memorable ads that stick in the minds of passers by long after.

48 sheet.

A 48 sheet poster is 20ft x 10ft in size. It is the most popular large out of home advertising format which is favoured by national brands and local companies.

how to buy billboard space on a 48 sheet

Ever wondered how to buy billboard space on a 48 sheet?

96 sheet.

The 96 sheet poster is 40ft x 10ft. It is the largest traditional billboard advertising display at the roadside. Twice the size of a 48 sheet and perfect for brand building within the local area.

96 sheet poster


How to buy billboard space in a prime position

  • You must make sure you don’t place your advert too high up, as it will be hard to read.
  • Positioning your advert at the roadside with a clear view is the perfect way to broadcast your message to motorists.
  • Always use billboard advertising space that faces head on to oncoming traffic. This will increase your visibility for extended distances along with a much higher impact.
  • Understand the demographic that you want to target and buy billboard space that will engage with this audience.

In a nutshell, billboard adverts should be well designed, easy to read and placed in a position where they can be seen clearly.

How long should I book billboard advertising for?

Billboard advertising is booked on a minimum display of two weeks. Using multiple billboards for this length of time is recommended.

We also have advertisers that book for 3,6,9 and 12 months. The longer the term the great the discount on the billboard advertising costs.

What happens when my campaign has gone live?

Once your campaign has gone live, we will send you photographs of your adverts in situ.

Finally, We have only just scraped the barrel on how to buy billboard space. If you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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