How outdoor advertising is measured

How outdoor advertising is measured

Once your billboard advert has gone live and being displayed to thousands of potential customers, the next step is to track the effectiveness of your campaign – who has seen it, how many people have seen it and how has it engaged with them. There are lots of methods that can be used to measure the success of your advert. In this post we will show you some ideas on how outdoor advertising is measured.

How outdoor advertising is measured to gauge the success of your campaign.

Impact on sales

One of the most obvious ways to measure the success of your campaign. If you are using billboards to promote a product or service, the amount of people who buy your product will give you a clear indication of how well your campaign has worked.

You can measure this by looking at sales prior to the campaign. Then compare it to sales during and at the end of the campaign.

Dedicated URL Tracking

Frequent and well schooled outdoor advertising users feature dedicated URLs only visible in their outdoor advert, Potential customers can then visit and learn more about your products and services, whilst at the same time you can monitor the daily traffic counts solely for that URL.

How outdoor advertising is measured? Promotional Codes

Another great way on how outdoor advertising is monitored, By putting a promotional code in your advert it will encourage people to react quickly to it and buy your product, You can also track the usage of the promotional code to monitor how many people are viewing and engaging with your advert.

Using social media alongside your outdoor advertising campaign

Adding a form of social media to your billboard advert can aid you track its effectiveness.

For example, incorporating a relevant Twitter #hashtag within your advert, a Facebook page link, Or Instagram profile. These are really great as those who notice your advert can visit immediately from their mobile device.

Monitoring these visitors to your social media channels will give you a great idea of how many people saw your advertising message and took time out of their busy schedule to follow up on your advert they have seen, via social media. A great way as to how outdoor advertising is measured

Ask your customers where they “saw you”

Old fashioned I know but still a really great way on finding out how outdoor advertising is measured. It’s can be really effective.

Simply ask your customers where they saw you and how they discovered your product and brand when they visit you.

We hope you found this information on how outdoor advertising is measured useful, Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us should you have any other questions.

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