How much is billboard advertising

How much is billboard advertising and how to achieve an ROI

As you can imagine “ how much is billboard advertising ” and  “will i achieve a return on my investment” are the questions that we often get asked.

How much is billboard advertising going to have an impact on your business, Especially if you haven’t used this format before. The fact is, billboard advertising has been proven to make money but only if planned correctly.

Invest in your companies long term success

To make the most out of your outdoor advertising investment you should consider the potential return on investment that can be made. Billboard advertising should be seen as an investment in your companies long term future.

For example, A 48 sheet billboard at a busy traffic light junction could be seen by around 50,000 consumers a day. Lets say 10% of those will interact with your message, Like visit your website, social media account or finding out more about your products and services. That’s 5,000 people interacting with your business because of your billboard advert.

Now ask yourself a question- “How much is billboard advertising going to impact my business?”

how much is billboard advertising

How much is billboard advertising going to bring in for me

When it comes to achieving an ROI from your billboard advertising campaign, you need to understand the value that your customers bring to your business.

In the UK, households spend more than £45 per week on eating out. A traditional 48 sheet billboard on the South Coast would cost £350 for two weeks. If your 2 week campaign brought in just 10 new customers, that could amount to an ROI of £23,400 over a year.

You would have spent £350 and got £23,400 back!!!!!!.

Thinking in terms of your ROI will help you make the most out of your outdoor advertising spend.

How much is billboard advertising going to help my business

Understanding advert exposure

You must have a clear marketing goal in order to make the most of your advertising spend.

Maybe you want to book billboard ads to tell people about a new store opening or new product launch.

If this is what you want to achieve, you should work the numbers. For example, you aim to get 10,000 customers into your showroom within the first month of opening. If 10% of consumers visited you because of the advert then you would need an advert exposure of 100,000 people. This will be done with 2-3 high impact billboard locations.

How much is billboard advertising design

You are right in thinking that you have to spend time and money creating an effective outdoor advertising plan. Furthermore, you could be tempted to think that the plan alone will get results. However, outdoor advertising is a creative and visual medium.

The most successful billboard advertising campaigns are achieved by powerful creative ideas. How much is billboard advertising? the advert design will have an impact on this as you should not cut corners.

Make sure you use designers that have a strong track record in the outdoor arena. They will know what works and how to achieve it.

The main tips are:

  • Use catchy slogans.
  • Avoid clutter.
  • Keep contact details to a minimum.
  • Use the right size for logos and fonts.
  • Colour contrasting.

You would look to pay around £50 per hour for a good designer. We at Showcase outdoor also offer a great design service with knowledge on what works and what doesn’t.

Artwork creation tips for billboard advertisers

How much is billboard advertising on a long term basis

A couple of 2 week campaigns at key points of the year achieve success. However, when it comes to getting a massive ROI from outdoor advertising you need to have your campaign running throughout the year.

The longer your billboard campaign the higher the exposure and the more customers will become aware of your brand and business.

When you book a billboard on a longer term with Amplify Outdoor you will get a great discount. So it’s actually more effective running 3-12 month campaigns.

In summary….

How much is billboard advertising roughly?

  • 1 x 48 sheet billboard for 2 weeks – £350.
  • 1 x 48 sheet billboard for 12 months – £6000
  • Effective advert design – £50 per hour

Whether you want to run a short term campaign or a 12 month brand building campaign. We would love to have a chat in greater detail about what we can achieve for your business.

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