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What makes a great billboard advertising location

In order to run a very successful outdoor campaign that increases your sales and footfall, you’ll need to first identify that great billboard advertising location or locations that are right for your business.

Billboard advertising has always been a very effective form of advertising whether on a local or national basis. More than 4 billion pounds a year is invested in outdoor advertising and 62% of this figure being spent on billboards.

With the vast growth of digital marketing, A great billboard advertising location is sometimes overlooked by a local business owner. They feel that it cannot produce immediate sales and is very expensive. But that’s definitely not the case as a strong call to action works wonders and here is the breakdown of billboard advertising costs.

You will notice that advertising on billboards has the ability to be very profitable. But if you want it to be successful, you must research these factors when choosing a great billboard advertising location.

A great billboard advertising location has high visibility

The visibility of a billboard location has to be at the top of your list when deciding. If the billboard has limited visibility, it’s going to impact on whether or not it generates your desired return on investment.

When evaluating visibility you must:

  • Ensure the billboard faces head on. Make sure that it faces head on to oncoming traffic as people aren’t going to go out of their way to read it. A billboard has to be easily read in the short time that the motorist is driving by at speed.
  • A great billboard billboard advertising location is at a readable height. A billboard on top of a high building is ineffective. Ensure that your message is in the drivers line of sight like in the photo below.
  • Choose billboards without interference. There are a lot of ineffective billboards out there with obstacles masking the adverts. Ensure there are no tree branches, bushes, road signs or buildings in the way of the billboard as this will dilute the performance of your outdoor advertising campaign.


A great billboard advertising location has high traffic counts.

Traffic data will allow you to research on how many vehicles drive past a billboards location every month. We source all data of our great billboard advertising locations from the Department for Transport where you can on search on their map.

Billboards to reach your target audience.

Understanding your target market audience is a fundamental part of your business. Not everyone is your right customer and its important to deliver the right message in the right location. This will encourage engagement with the right people.

Once you have a good understanding of your target audience, their age, gender and income, you should then have an idea as to where to put your message on a billboard.

Signpost customers with a great billboard advertising location.

If your business relies on footfall from your local area, then consider using a great billboard advertising location close to your premises. You can signpost potential customers who are within a couple of minutes drive away from you.

Rush hour and traffic jams

We have all suffered congestion issues on a busy arterial road into and out of a Town or City. These roads lead to roundabouts or a busy traffic light junctions. Pedestrian crossings also slow down the advance of the motorist.

Your advert near these junctions with slow moving traffic surely has to be a great billboard advertising location. Imagine the number of leads and enquiries that you would gain. Especially when motorists will have so much dwell time to take your advertising message in.

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