Gable end advertising

Gable end advertising

Gable end advertising for a homeowner can be a great source of income. Erecting a billboard would produce an extra revenue stream especially in these hard times.

If you already have a gable end advertising hoarding with another provider, then please get in touch. We would be willing to offer you a much larger rental income than you are currently getting.

Furthermore, we would also welcome the opportunity to assess a location that hasn’t had a panel before.


The Process for Gable end advertising

Providing us with the address, photos and as much detail as possible about your property will aid us when determining the suitability of the site.

We will then carry out a survey of the site and offer you a very generous proposal.

The rental income would be based upon several factors, Some of which would be:-

The location – Is the potential gable end advertising site overlooking a busy road or in a highly populated area. Locations situated in back roads or facing the wrong way down a one way street wouldn’t be suitable.

Size of the gable end – The bigger the size, the bigger the income. We would be able to sell advertising space for a larger amount if the billboard is greater in size. This would mean that we can pass more of the profits onto you.

Potential audience level – If the space situated on a major arterial road or in a highly pedestrianised area

Planning consent – To produce a new gable wall advertising billboard it would require a planning application. We would take care of everything involved in this.


If you have a gable end property suitable for a billboard, please get in touch. We offer several options to choose from.

Amplify Outdoor will:

Pay you a generous, guaranteed rental income for the advertising space on your property.

Obtain planning approval from the local authorities to place a billboard on your property. (if needed)

Pay all rates and taxes that are affiliated to the billboard.

Oversee the installation and continual maintenance of the billboard.

Put public liability insurance in place.

billboard on my gable end property for advertising



Why choose us for gable end advertising?

Do you already have a billboard on your gable end?. Please get in touch with us today.

What we offer over the other companies

  • Rentals paid in advance via standing order and on time.
  • We’re always looking to build long standing relationships with landlords.
  • Offer a larger rental income than any of the other advertising companies.
  • No rent reductions.
  • Highest quality billboard installations.
  • We maintain our boards to the highest of standards ensuring it doesn’t look like an eyesore on the property.
  • We are a local company so we can be on site very quickly if any problems were to arise.

So if you are interested in an extra revenue stream through gable end advertising. please get in touch with us today

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