Finding images for a billboard advert

In the first instance, finding images for a billboard advert is one of the top priorities to success. You need to use a powerful image that really POPS and grabs the consumers attention.

Some of the questions that we often hear when businesses are finding images for a billboard advert:-

  • Are there any images that can be used for free?
  • Is it better to create your own images?
  • Should you just pay for stock imagery?

We’ve put together a quick guide to finding the best images for your billboard advertising campaign.

Images are key to a success

Billboard advertising is about making a big impact in a short space of time. Furthermore, standing out from your competitors to reach your target audience is a must.

It’s a visually led advertising medium that should use only a small amount of words. Therefore, using the right image is key to success.

Finding images for a outdoor advertisement

So now we have established that images are really important, lets take a look at some of the best ways to source them.

Images on a shoestring budget

Firstly, The cheapest option is finding free images for your advert.

There are lots of websites available for sourcing free images. Just Google search for something like “free stock images ” but you must make sure they can be used commercially and double check the licensing arrangements.

The pros:-

  • They are free

The cons:-

  • Your business will not have exclusivity, Meaning the image could potentially be seen on your competitors advert or in lots of other advertising campaigns and marketing materials

Create your own images

Secondly, If you have the skills or you have employed a photographer for marketing materials, using your own images is definitely the way to go.

You and they will have a greater understanding of the business and what wants to be achieved, It also adds a more personal touch to your creative which is always a good thing when advertising your business on a billboard

Finding images for a billboard advert

Stock images

Thirdly, Websites like Shutterstock, Getty Images, Fotolia to name a few, all have a fee to acquire the images but they never expire.

They all offer a range of on-demand and monthly plans.

The only problem with stock images is that everyone has access to the same ones. So again a potential risk of someone else using the same image in their marketing material.

Leave it to us

Finally, The process can feel overwhelming when trawling through sites and information, why not just leave it to us.

We have over 20 years experience within the outdoor advertising industry, so we know what works and what doesn’t. For a small fixed cost we can design a print ready advert from your provided brief.

Choosing the right images for your billboard advert

Here are a few tips to make sure that you pick the right images for your creative

  • Billboards are one of the most visual mediums out of all advertising formats. They are about making an immediate impact through images in a short window of opportunity. Consumers pass by billboards quickly and images need to be easily absorbed from a distance.
  • Stick to a solus and powerful image that grabs attention.

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