Effectiveness of outdoor advertising in the UK

Effectiveness of outdoor advertising in the UK

Outdoor advertising in the UK is everywhere. It lines our streets, fixed to the sides of buildings and at POS in shopping malls and supermarkets. The sheer number of outdoor advertisements there are and seen is testament to their effectiveness. Lets take a look at the effectiveness of outdoor advertising in the UK.

Outdoor advertising effectively develops trust

These days potential buyers want to know they can trust the business that they’re planning on giving their hard-earned cash to. Consumers are frequently surveyed on their thoughts and feelings regarding different advertising formats. Outdoor advertising is the medium that often tops the polls. In fact, it has a 55% level of trust amongst respondents. When you compare this to 44% for online search ads and 33% for clickable banners on websites. If people are more trusting towards outdoor advertising, then they are more likely to trust the advert that is being displayed.

This will undoubtably increase the chances consumers engaging with your brand and message.

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

People are creatures of habit. They often travel the same route multiple times throughout the day. To and from work, to the shops and back. If your advert is displayed on a billboard situated at a busy traffic light junction or on a well-travelled route it will get multiple views by the same person.

Furthermore, This means that commuters will have a greater memory recall of your message and you will be drummed into their minds.

Finally, It’s estimated that 98% of the UK population see outdoor advertising every week. A staggering number and evidence of effectiveness of outdoor advertising in the UK

Does outdoor advertising in the UK work

Word gets around

If an outdoor advertisement resonates, is striking, or funny, then people are likely to share it with their friends or post on social media.

You’ll have had the same conversation before with an advert that you’ve seen – “have you seen the latest John Lewis advert?” for example. If you see an advert that sticks in your mind, you’re likely to tell others about it. In fact, The Arbitron National In-Car Study in 2009 showed that 56% of people will tell their friends about a funny outdoor advert they have seen. When people spread a message it means that more people will be aware of your message and your brand. This can only be a good thing.

outdoor advertising effectiveness

People outdoors are more alert

If consumers are sat on our sofas watching TV after a hard day, They’re unlikely to be completely focused on what’s being displayed. They maybe eating, talking to family or using devices. However, research by COG Research and the Outsmart has shown that our awareness is heightened by 33% when we’re out and about, meaning we’re more likely to take in an outdoor advertising message.


Finally, We hope that the above points have shown the effectiveness of outdoor advertising in the UK. However, it’s not as simple as sticking an advert on a billboard. Your message needs to resonate with its target audience. Therefore, an outdoor advertising campaign needs to be carefully planned, from the design and content of the ad itself to the location and timing of the display.

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