does outdoor advertising still work

Why does outdoor advertising still work

Why does outdoor advertising still work

We often get asked by people, why does outdoor advertising still work now we have the internet?. Outdoor advertising is one of the most high impact formats within the media landscape. Even with the rise of digital, paper and paste out-of-home adverts still perform and boast a high return on marketing spend.

So why does outdoor advertising still work? Lets assess one of the oldest advertising formats below.

Is there still a place for out of home adverts with the internet?

There’s no doubt that online advertising has the ability to target people around the clock. Consumers mainly use mobile devices to browse the internet and make online purchases. We spend so much time with a mobile device glued to our hands that you would assume that online ads are replacing outdoor advertising.

The fact of the matter is that out-of home advertising can never be replaced and its going from strength to strength. Big, national brands are still investing a massive portion of their marketing budget in order to dominate the outdoor space, while local businesses are seeing the benefits of OOH within their community.

So, why does outdoor advertising still work?

Outdoor advertising comes in many different ways. It can be at the bus stop engaging with people as they commute via public transport, Billboards at the roadside targeting commuters. Out-of-home ads are also on buses, in supermarkets, shopping malls, in the train station to name a few.

Outdoor advertising still works as it has the ability to target a demographic in an exact time and place.

Outdoor advertising engages with commuters

On average the daily commute in the UK takes just under an hour and over 3 million of us spend more than 2 hours travelling each day. This highly alert audience who are travelling and stuck queuing will come into contact with outdoor advertising in some form or another and have a high dwell time to absorb the out-of-home’s messages.

Does outdoor advertising still work within the retail sector?

Shopping centres is among one of the many places you will find OOH adverts and they get seen a lot. The UK’s biggest shopping centre owner has said that nearly half of the UK population visit their malls with 100 minutes per customer dwell time. Footfall + Dwell time = Maximum exposure for your business and brand.

Another way that out-of-home works within the retail arena is at point of purchase (POP). OOH has the ability to create sales activation which is an incredible trait. The outdoor advertising that consumers see 30 minutes before making a purchase is the last window of influence. Point of purchase can also be seen within shops via displays and near the check outs.

Out-of-home adverts are hard to ignore

No matter how hard you try, it’s almost impossible to ignore outdoor advertising.

They are in your face and and consumers have little or no control over the display of its message.

Traditional and new media

People sometimes portray traditional forms of advertising as outdated and irrelevant. Whereas new forms like online can be viewed as slick and the future.

However these two forms of advertising work better together. For example, an advert on a billboard can signpost towards a website or social media page. An amusing OOH advert seen on the back of a bus can get people talking and liking it on Facebook.

We also know through research that OOH ads are three times more effective when planned with mobile data.

Does outdoor advertising still work because of DOOH?

Another reason why outdoor advertising still works is partly due to digital out-of-home (DOOH). Outdoor has embraced the digital revolution making outdoor advertising even more of an attractive proposition.

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