Billboard marketing

Does billboard marketing still work?

Billboard marketing is one of the most visually engaging mediums out there. It has been an advertising vessel for brands and business of all sizes for decades. Why is billboard marketing still around? The simple fact that it works.

Because OOH is seemingly harder to measure than any other format, businesses tend to think that it doesn’t work.

Billboard marketing covers such a broad range of advertising opportunities. From 6 sheets to 96 sheet sizes, Traditional billboards to Digital screens.

So, does billboard marketing still work? Lets take a look..

Captivate commuters

The average commute in the UK is just under an hour and over 3 million people spend over 2 hours travelling each day to and from work. That’s a lot of time travelling, They are waiting at busy traffic light junctions, queuing at the roadside.

Billboard advertising is the perfect way to engage with this highly alert audience

Influence at point-of-sale

Sales activation is one of its most powerful features in terms of billboard marketing. The OOH adverts that consumers see as they approach shopping centres, shops has the ability to alter purchasing decisions. OOH is often used as the “last window of influence”  on shoppers.

Engage when socialising

Billboard marketing works perfectly when reaching potential customers as they are socialising with friends and family. They are often out and about eating in restaurants, drinking in bars and shopping. These locations would be considered to have a high dwell time where by consumers would not only take the message in but remember it. OOH is a massive opportunity to reach large audiences in all walks of life.

Billboard marketing demands attention

OOH stands alone so it doesn’t get lost amongst other adverts like newspapers or magazines. Often big in size, billboard advertising makes itself very visible at both close and long distances. Creative and expressive adverts gain more attention amongst consumers.

Billboard marketing reaches millions without breaking the bank

Studies have found that OOH delivers a high Return of Investment in all categories and the more the budget that is spent on outdoor advertising the larger the ROI. Billboard advertising costs can be within reach to most budgets.

OOH has an unavoidable impact

OOH is different from other media format. It cannot be blocked or avoided. People these days are spending more time out and about and this means that audiences are increasing. Billboard marketing is a public, broadcast, medium with a high reach and impact. It conveys stature and authority, making businesses famous and iconic.

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