what is Digital billboard advertising

Digital billboard advertising

In these modern times, Digital billboard advertising is quickly becoming more popular with brands and businesses as a way to advertise.

Digital billboard advertising is bright, eye-catching and are often within budget. They are the future of the outdoor advertising industry due to its popularity with many national brands and advertising agencies.

Due to their rapid growth, Digital billboards are available in many of the UK’s Cities, High Streets and shopping malls. Furthermore, They offer the flexibility to update advertising messages within seconds.

Advertising on Digital billboards is shifting from the traditional printed poster boards but you should never rule traditional as part of you marketing campaign.

Digital billboard advertising or traditional billboards

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What are the Benefits of Digital Billboard Advertising Screens?

There are many benefits to digital billboard advertising. Some of these include:

Easy change of messages

Adverts can be easily updated or changed within seconds. This means that you can adjust your message based on climate or current affairs.

Massive reach

Digital billboards are great at reaching a mass market and multiple demographics. Billboards reach 98% of the UK population every week.

Cost effective

Unlike traditional billboards and forms of outdoor advertising you obviously don’t have to print them, so you save on physical printing costs.

digital billboards

What Is the Cost of advertising on LED screens?

As with most advertising formats, costs vary. Digital billboards are generally more expensive than traditional poster billboards. The cost depends on these factors:

  • The Length of display – Firstly, The longer your advert is on display the more expensive it will be. Most outdoor campaigns last for a minimum of two weeks. Furthermore, due to the flexibility of DOOH, You can purchase days if needed.
  • The location of the digital billboard – some billboards are more expensive than others, for example, the digital billboard in Piccadilly Circus is more expensive than one situated in a shopping mall. Their cost is broadly determined by the local footfall and how many people are likely to see it.
  • The size of the digital display – The size of the advertising display will affect the cost. A 6 sheet unit will cost less  than a 48 sheet.

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