Different types of billboard advertising

Different types of billboard advertising

Due to the many ways to advertise in this modern age and the fact there are so many different types of billboard advertising, businesses often get confused as to what medium would be best suited for them. Furthermore, local businesses usually have a limited budget to work with which is why it is imperative that they get bang for their buck. Having a billboard strategy in place will ensure that budgets will be utilised in the most cost effective way. Finally, If you happen to have a bigger budget,The more outdoor advertising sites you use, the higher your chances of getting noticed by the masses.

Traditional – Different types of billboard advertising

This is a form of static billboard advertising that uses a large display that is visible from long distances. These billboards can vary in size from a 6 sheet to a 96 sheet.

These forms of outdoor advertising offer effective coverage locally or nationally at an affordable rate. They offer maximum reach when situated on main arterial roads and highly populated areas. Furthermore, Billboards should be in your marketing plan when you want to increase sales and footfall for your business.

At Amplify we offer the complete Outdoor Advertising package, from media space to poster production and poster fixing to advert design.

The dimensions of the different types of billboard advertising

48 Sheet Billboards

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Firstly, The 48 sheet.  These are 20 ft x 10ft in size and the most favoured of all the billboard advertising sizes. The dimensions are:-

  • 3048 mm x 6096 mm
  • 3.048 m x 6.096 m
  • 10 ft x 20 ft

96 Sheet Billboards

is a 96 sheet one of the Different types of billboard advertising

Double the size of 48 sheets – typically 96 sheet billboards are 3m tall but a huge 12m wide).

  • 3000 mm x 12000 mm
  • 3 m x 12 m
  • 9.842 ft x 39.37 ft

6 sheet advertising

Small formats are another form of traditional advertising. Usually, these ads use six sheets and are placed at bus stops in prominent locations. Bus Shelter billboards are only are only small and haven’t the same impact as a 48 sheet..

Placed at eye-level, these ads capture the attention of pedestrians as they go about their daily lives.

Depending on your business and the audience you want to reach, we are able to recommend and identify the best spots in the UK. Our billboards are situated where the foot/ vehicle traffic will be most effective for your brand campaign.

6 sheet dimensions: 

  • 1800 mm x 1200 mm
  • 1.8 m x 1.2 m
  • 5.905 ft x 3.937 ft

Digital billboards

Finally, Digital billboards offers transition of adverts within seconds via a simple upload. Furthermore, Premium screens offers full-motion digital advertising and perfect for growth campaigns.

The premium advertising option uses high impact digital screens in key locations. Our out-of-home high-end ad screens are in the most prominent locations.

Using the latest technology, we estimate that our billboard portfolio is viewed by  60 million people throughout every week in the UK.

More different types of billboard advertising include:

  • Firstly, Motorway service stations.
  • Secondly, Petrol forecourts.
  • Roadside advertising.
  • Bus advertising
  • Finally, Furniture advertising

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