Effective billboard design

Creating an effective billboard design

When creating an effective billboard design for your campaign there are many factors that tend to dominate. Such as finding that killer slogan or portraying your brand and USP in the best way. But once these parts have been taken care of, it’s time to focus on the small details that allows your advert design to be an even bigger success.

Making creative use of the the billboard advertising space will allow you to increase engagement and enquiries.

Effective billboard designs have a memorable image

An effective billboard design should only have one or two memorable images included. By incorporating a striking, relevant and attention grabbing image you increase the engagement of passers by. Furthermore, An image within a billboard ad will increase brand awareness and instil your service and product into the minds of your demographic.

Thats why its important to use creative images so that you business doesn’t just blend in and stands out from the competition.

Effective billboard designs with images

In the above outdoor advertising poster, the copy with strikethrough font is used to portray a killer slogan thats accompanied with a relevant and memorable image.

Advert layout is key to an effective design

An effective billboard design has to correspond with the way we absorb visual information. You need to take advantage of this through the way the images and text are laid out.

Blank space is your friend

There’s a big temptation to cram as much content as possible into a billboard design.

Firstly, the copy will be confusing and make very little sense to the consumer. Do not try to fill up the entire billboard space with content. The result is that it will appear unprofessional. By using as little space as possible you will portray confidence to your audience. You will also ensure that your USP will get across.

A sign that you’ve created an effective billboard design is that there is lots of blank space. This lets your design breathe with a clear, memorable message.

Make use of effective digital designs

In these modern times your business can utilise digital billboard displays. You have the ability to make use of motion for greater engagement.

The cost of digital outdoor advertising has fallen due to saturation. You can look at booking a digital 48-sheet billboard for around £1,300.

Making the most of your ad designs

When creating an effective advert design, be image led and make use of the billboard space. If you are using a designer give them as much information as possible so they can create in a timely and exact manner.

Before designing an ad for your billboard, you should know what format that you will be using. The size, scale, and location of your ad site should all influence your campaign’s creative design.


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