Cost of posters for advertising

What is the cost of posters for advertising on billboards

Outdoor advertising costs vary depending on many elements, but in the article we look at the cost of posters for advertising on billboards. Once you have booked that killer billboard location, you will need to think about the printing of your posters. There are a few factors involved that affect the price as well as the execution of your campaign.

Factors that affect the cost of posters for advertising


First of all, the size of the billboard that you book will have an impact on the cost of the printing. Billboard advertising comes in all shapes and sizes. Generally, the larger sizes cost more than the smaller ones due to the extra material needed. Here is a list of the most popular sizes.

6 sheets.

The cost of posters for advertising on 6 sheets range between £20 – £60. If multiple posters are printed the costs will reduce somewhat.

48 sheets.

You would expect to pay between £100-£150 for the production of a one off 48 sheet poster.

96 sheets.

A 96 sheet billboard has a higher production cost because it is double the size of a 48 sheet. Therefore  these would be around £200- £250 to print.

Printing material

Depending on the length of your display period, there are several materials to consider in order for your campaign to run smoothly. Long term campaigns would require correx, Vinyl or foamex. Whilst blue back posters are ideal for shorter terms.

Blue back billboard poster printing.

Blue back posters are ideal for a 2-6 week campaign and when fixed correctly will stay up in all weathers.


Correx or foamex printing.

Ideal for longer term campaigns to build brand that do not require a message change. The cost of posters for advertising on correx is around £350-£400


Vinyl banners

Hard wearing and reusable, these are great if you have booked media space at different periods throughout the year on a long term basis. You can expect to pay around £250 for a re-useable vinyl banner.


We at Amplify Outdoor offer a reduced cost of posters for advertising when you book the media space with us. Depending on the package that you have booked with us, we would include the cost of posters.

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