cost of billboard advertising in the UK

Understanding the cost of billboard advertising in the UK

Despite the decline in some forms of traditional advertising, caused by online and new media. Billboards are still in a very strong position, The cost of billboard advertising in the Uk has also been made affordable to small businesses in recent years.

In fact 98% of the UK population see outside advertising every week. This is a powerful stat when you are deciding which medium to use to promote your business.

What is billboard advertising?

There is no bigger way to promote your business than using billboard advertising. Due to the sheer size, there is no doubt that they will attract a lot of attention for your business. If you understand your target audience, you can place your message at a particular location to engage with them.

Furthermore, if you are trying to interact with millennials then outdoor advertising is a very effective way of reaching this demographic.

Whats involved in the cost of billboard advertising in the UK?

Traditional billboard advertising costs have reduced over the years, This is partly down to the rise of digital outdoor advertising. Thats where SME’s can benefit as its no longer just available to big, national brands and well within reach of the smaller, local companies.

Customers will notice three main factors thats involved in the cost of billboard advertising in the UK. These are:-

  • Media space.
  • Artwork design.
  • Production of the posters.

Businesses would expect to pay around £350+vat for a two week campaign on a 48 sheet billboard. The billboard advertising costs would reduce further if you booked a longer term or multiple locations.

What is the cost of billboard advertising in the UK?

How do I book billboard advertising?

The simple fact of the matter is billboard advertising is really easy to book. Here are the simple steps:-

  1. Select the locations based on who you want to engage with. Check availability & costs.
  2. Create artwork so that your billboard advert relates to your target audience.
  3. Amplify Outdoor will then print the posters and our in house posting team will fix them to the billboard(s).
  4. We will send confirmation and photos when your advert in situ

Artwork charges

By giving them a brief, a local creative agency can produce for you. Generally they charge around £50+vat per hour.

If you have an in house design team, we offer free guidance in order to create an effective advert from the specifications that we provide.

Amplify Outdoor also offer a design service if needed for a small charge.

We hope you found our guide about the cost of billboard advertising in the UK useful. If you have any questions about running a campaign, Please do get in touch with us.

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