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A fair billboard rental agreement for the landlord

Amplify Outdoor’s mission is to offer a fair billboard rental agreement for all parties involved. Being a family run outdoor advertising company we believe that its important to build a strong and long lasting relationship with the landlord.


What’s the billboard advertising market like at the moment?

Contrary to what some national outdoor providers say, billboards are still relevant in this modern era. Despite the growth of internet advertising, They still have an important role to play in the marketing arena.

Furthermore, Many media companies are upgrading sites to digital billboards. These combine the same technologies used to serve ads on the internet.

This transition between traditional and digital billboards presents the landlord with the opportunity to gain a better billboard rental agreement. That’s where Amplify come in, Speak to us today on 01202 670687 and we can talk through the development of new billboard advertising projects.

To understand just how beneficial speaking to us can be, We have created a few facts about billboard advertising and a billboard rental agreement.

What are the advantages of a billboard? 

Some people may be surprised to find that billboards are still relevant in these modern times.

Firstly, billboards are still seen by some as the workhorse which produces a great ROI for the advertiser. This isn’t the case with other forms of print. Readerships in newspapers and magazines are dropping every year.

Secondly, Billboards are entertaining and interactive. This allows the advertiser to engage with their target audience. Again, this is something that many other forms of advertising fail to accomplish.

Finally, One of the biggest advantages is that they are part of the urban landscape. They engage with consumers as they commute to work, shop or school. Furthermore, Many see them multiple times throughout the day, this creates a stronger brand recognition.

How do you determine a billboard rental agreement?

When determining the value of a billboard rental agreement, there are three factors to consider. Please find these in greater detail below.


Out of the three factors, location is perhaps the most important thing to consider when determining a billboard rental agreement.

Billboards, are meant to be viewed by as many people as possible. Any location that gets a lot of traffic, by car or foot, is going to be worth more than one situated on a back road.

Thus, if you own property alongside a busy roadside, you will have a far greater chance of receiving higher rent and a better billboard rental agreement.

Size, amount and types of billboard.

Secondly, Another factor to consider is what assets can be placed upon your land or property. For example, Multiple 48 sheet billboards would generate more rent that just one.

In addition, If the location would be welcome a digital billboard then the rent and terms of a billboard rental agreement would be greater.

Business rates and installation costs

Business rates attached to the existing or potential upgrade of the billboard would be factored in. Amplify would pay all rates and taxes attached to the structure, This is not a cost that we pass onto the landlord.

Finally, Installation costs of the new advertising structure would help to determine a billboard rental agreement.

Please call our team today on 01202 670687, we would gladly offer you a free appraisal of your location.


What can Amplify Outdoor do for you?

Amplify Outdoor is a family run outdoor advertising company who are fair to landlords when it comes to lease and billboard rental agreements. We’ve paid hundreds of property owners the amount that they deserve for their billboard locations.

While a billboard lease may provide a great monthly income, there is an opportunity to sell your freehold or put a long term leasehold in place. This would offer you a very generous upfront payment.

Our billboard leasehold/freehold packages would turn your monthly payments into a large lump sum payment. This allows you to receive the full value of your advertising space right away.

For more information, please call us on 01202 670687, or email us. Lets start the valuation process.

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