billboard design rules

Billboard design rules so you can achieve an effective billboard design

In this post we have put together 5 top billboard design rules in order for you to achieve an effective billboard design so you can get the best possible success from the billboard advertising campaign.

If your billboard is situated at a busy roadside then you only have a short window of opportunity in which to engage with them and make your message memorable.

1. Create a story

Create a story with your design. Think about the one thing you want people to take away from your advert. Do you want them to :-

  • Remember your web address?
  • Recognise your brand the next time they are shopping?
  • Signpost people who are close to your premises?
  • Attend and open day or event?

Billboard advertising is a visual medium, which means that you need to tell your story through images and text. You’ll really want to be strategic when coming up with a design.

billboard design rules

2. Keep it short and straight to the point

A motorist will have about 5 to 10 seconds to view your billboard advertising message. They will need to read text and absorb the message in a short space of time.

So one of the most important billboard design rules to follow is keeping your message short. Aim for a maximum of 9 words or less when creating your effective billboard design.

Make sure to prioritise the most important information so your billboard doesn’t become cluttered or illegible.

  • Main theme and USP of the advert
  • Incorporating a strong call to action
  • Logo
  • Tel number, URL and address

3. Achieve effective billboard design by being bold

Make sure that the text in your billboard advertising creative is clean with a bold font to ensure maximum readability. The larger the font, the easier it is for the consumer to absorb and understand your message at distance.

4. Be colourful

Another one of the key billboard design rules is use bright colours or a bold image within your creative. This will effortlessly attract eyes to your message.

Contrasting colours within your design will also create a much bigger impact and improve a stronger memory recall of your message.

In order for your image to really pop and stand out, you will want to keep your background simple to ensure the foreground isn’t fighting against it.

5. The right message to the right audience

When working on your effective billboard design, consider the location as to where your message will be displayed, the target audience and environment.

Communicate to your audience with a message and words that they understand.

Billboard design rules, In summary:-

  • Create a story.
  • Keep it short.
  • Be bold.
  • Be colourful.
  • Right message to engage the right audience.

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