Billboard advertising prices

Billboard advertising prices and factors involved in the overall cost

In this post we take a look at billboard advertising prices for local businesses. This will include the factors that are involved within the overall cost and how Amplify Outdoor’s prices compare against national providers.

While it may be true that size plays a big part in the billboard advertising prices, there are other factors that will determine how much your campaign will cost.

You also may think that billboards are out of reach for small business and budget, but this definitely isn’t the case. Furthermore, We at Amplify Outdoor strongly believe that billboard advertising prices should be within reach to businesses of all sizes and not just big, national brands. We aim to make this high impact form of advertising affordable to almost everyone within the local area.

It should be noted that we at Amplify Outdoor are not bound by rate cards like other outdoor providers and offer packages and discounts for multiple locations and  booking billboards on a longer term.


The location of the site is a factor when it comes to billboard advertising prices with most providers. This is because its the biggest influencer when it comes to who sees your advert.

It gets measured by who sees your advert, footfall, impressions, traffic counts and audience demographic.

Choosing a really successful advertising location for your campaign involves finding a site that will gain valuable engagement from your target audience.

Amplify Outdoor have set billboard advertising prices across our portfolio. We don’t charge a premium for roads with higher traffic counts.

billboard advertising prices


Secondly, the basic rule is, the larger the advertising space, the more it costs to rent.

The most common sizes of billboards are 48-sheet (20ft x 10ft) and 96-sheet (40ft x 10ft).  A 96 sheet billboard holds greater value to advertisers because it is much more likely to gain a greater impact and response.

Poster printing needs to be factored in when accessing billboard advertising prices. The bigger the size, the bigger the poster that needs to be printed. In turn this will cost slightly more.

Length of booking

The longer you book the space, the more people will see it. The more they see it, the more likely it is to achieve success.

Billboards are traditionally sold on a minimum of a 2 week basis. We also have clients that book all the way through to 12 months.

The longer the period of display affects the billboard advertising prices. Furthermore, we offer great discounts for longer term bookings and a lot of business do see the benefits in having a billboard on a long term basis.

What are the billboard advertising prices

Other important information regarding billboard advertising prices

How long should my business rent a billboard for?

Deciding upon the length of your billboard advertising campaign depends on your budget and what you hope to achieve. A 2-week campaign can be effective in some situations such as a the build up to an open day but some of the most effective campaigns tend to last for a minimum of six months.

One of the main benefits of billboard advertising long term is its strength in brand building for businesses and a sign of trust amongst consumers. A long term campaign builds legitimacy for your brand and make your audience familiar with your product and influence their long-term purchasing decisions.

Advert Design

If you have a design agency or an in house designer, no problem at all. We will be able to provide them with the specs and dimensions to work to. Furthermore, We will be at hand to offer tips and advice on how to create an effective billboard advert.

If you would like us to design the advert for you we will take a brief from you about what you want to achieve and the message that you want to portray. This costs around £100. Depending on the size of campaign that you book we will design your advert free of charge.

Do you need big budgets to advertise on Billboards?

In a word, No. Lets put this myth to bed.

Advertising on a billboard for 2 weeks on a very busy arterial road with over a million vehicles driving past your advert is cheaper than advertising for one day within a local newspaper. It has been proven that billboards are one of the most cost effective ways to reach a large, relevant audience.

I have found a billboard that I want to advertise on, can I get a price?

Yes of course, Please either contact us on:-

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We’ll gladly discuss billboard advertising prices and availability.

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