billboard advertising effectiveness

Billboard Advertising Effectiveness

Billboard advertising effectiveness improves year on year for local businesses. With other advertising formats like print readership dropping rapidly every year and the costs to advertise staying the same the best place to put your marketing budget is in Outdoor advertising.

Billboards can reach a large, relevant audience. They can put your message and brand in front of millions of potential customers on a daily basis.

Amplify Outdoor have the best outdoor advertising locations along the South coast. Our outdoor advertising sites are in the most prominent positions throughout the UK.

How can you gauge billboard advertising effectiveness?

Billboard advertising can be gauged in many ways, please click here to read our tips and tricks to finding out how successful your billboard advertising campaign has been. Our billboard advertising locations have over 72 million vehicles driving past them every month.

Furthermore, read some of our customer testimonials and success stories. They used billboard advertising, As a result they saw a massive increase in enquiries.

We work with business in all sectors from Educational bodies, charities, bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants, motor dealers, Estate agents, tourism, the care industry and many more.

Is this form of advertising good for my business? 

The short answer is that it depends upon your marketing budget and what you want to achieve. If your business is looking to increase brand awareness, then billboard advertising is the way forward.

Its also a great way at reaching a massive audience in a cost effective way.

If you do decide to take the leap and try out billboard ads, get in touch with us at Amplify Outdoor. We’d love to talk through design ideas and help you find the best locations for your business.

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