Best colours for billboard advertising

Choosing the best colours for billboard advertising

Understanding what the best colours for billboard advertising are will give your campaign the advantage when you are trying to stand out within the urban environment and clutter. Its not just the striking image or bold font that draws the attention of consumers, The colour selection is also a vital part in its performance.

The colour impacts on how well the advertising message is absorbed and remembered, So below are the steps to follow when choosing the best colours for billboard advertising campaigns.

Use no more than three colours

When too many colours are used it will lead to confusion and thus weaken the overall effectiveness of your billboard advert.

To get a successful return on investment from your billboard advertising campaign, try not to use more than 3 colours within your creative.

You will also need to be selective about the suitability so that it compliments your images and other elements within.


Be bold and bright to stand out

A key tip is to avoid using subtle colours even as they just won’t work. It had been researched and proven that the best colours for billboard advertising are vivid or bold. This will make sure that your outdoor advertising message stands out against nature and its surrounds.

Best colours for billboard advertising

Colour contrast 

Colour contrast is so important when you need a billboard message to stand out. You will need to avoid colours that have similar frequency to each other. It makes it difficult to understand and illegible to motorists as they pass by at speed.

Below is a handy guide on the best colour combinations when designing that killer artwork.


For example, using the number one combination will definitely make your artwork POP!!!!. There is a point to remember that some colours wouldn’t compliment your own branding.

Further information

We hope that you found this guide for finding the best colours for billboard advertising interesting. If you need any help please feel free to get in touch with us and our design team.

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