Benefits of booking outdoor advertising long term

There are massive benefits of booking outdoor advertising long term term basis for your business

For example, it can be far more persuasive. A successful billboard advertising campaign involves playing the long game.

Below are the benefits of booking outdoor advertising long term. Furthermore, reasons as to why advertising on a billboard for a longer period of 3 months.

Lets take a look at some of the benefits of booking outdoor advertising long term and why its great for brand building and creating future success for your business.

Building brand awareness and increased customer engagement

One of the benefits of long term billboard advertising is building brand awareness. It familiarises the local audience with your brand, business, advertising message and unique selling points over an extended time period.

Securing the best location long term

Amplify Outdoor have a portfolio of billboards situated in prime locations in Towns, Cities and Counties. These are accessible to local businesses for booking outdoor advertising long term. We also offer discounts and harder wearing posters that will last the distance.

Local businesses understand the value of outdoor advertising over other mediums.

Prime locations often get snapped up by businesses. Therefore,  it is best to get in touch quickly as soon as you have identified one of our locations that would be perfect for you. Our advertising spots can also be searched on our online mapping page.

Your business may have had great success on the billboard from your short term campaign and you are thinking about taking the space on a longer basis only to have it taken by a rival business or brand with an eye on the location.

Engage with new customers whilst keeping you on the radar of existing customers

New customers – Long term outdoor advertising campaigns will provide an increase in footfall and sales from potential new customers. Many of them can become loyal, repeat customers.

Existing customers – Keeping your existing customers informed of any offers, new products or general brand awareness. As a result this would surely turn into another sale as they have used you in the past and had a great experience.

For example – you are a window company and they had a conservatory installed by you.

You could be promoting a offer on the billboard location for windows, it will put you in their minds that they need theirs replacing.

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

The benefits of booking outdoor advertising long term will help your advertising message get embedded into thousands of potential customers minds. In addition, your business will be seen multiple times by the same person as they move around the local area.

Repeated exposure to your branding and message will give people an increased knowledge about you. Furthermore, you will put your business at the forefront of their minds as to when they make a decision to purchase.

Adding prestige to your business

Long term advertising creates legitimacy in the consumers minds. Your business will be “up in lights” for a longer period. Therefore you will send a message to your potential customers that your brand is legit and trustworthy to deal with.

The Benefits of booking outdoor advertising long term for local businesses means that you are investing in the future success of it.

With Amplify Outdoor offering discounts for booking longer periods it gives small and medium sized companies the opportunity to build their brand. Most of all you can promote your product in a cost effective way without breaking their marketing budget.

So, We would love to hear from you. Please feel free to drop us a line to discuss further.

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