benefits of billboard advertising

The benefits of billboard advertising for SME’s

In this post we look at the benefits of billboard advertising for small and medium size businesses. The advantages outweigh over formats within the local area.

When it comes to marketing their products and services, small businesses are often looking for ways to reach their target audience in a cost effective manner.

While many feel that they may not have the big budgets to invest heavily in billboard advertising, Fear not SME’s, Outdoor advertising is now available and affordable to businesses of all sizes. This gives local companies a foot up when they want to promote their brand and compete within a chosen market.

Furthermore, local billboard advertising is one of the most effective marketing methods for small businesses. Even with the rise of digital, this type of offline advertising can deliver huge benefits to SME’s.

Here are a few benefits of billboard advertising  in which your small business can obtain a foothold within their local area: –

Build a loyal and local customer base

One of the big benefits of billboard advertising is the ability to build a customer base.

As a small business you will need to invest in it’s future by securing customers.

The use of  billboards within the local area enables you to place prominent advertising that has a high visual impact on the members of your community.

Depending on your budget you can invest in multiple locations within your target area. These can be placed strategically in order to reach the a large, relevant audience.

One of the key benefits of billboard advertising is that you can reach millions of potential customers with your campaign at a cost effective price.

Target a specific demographic within your local area

Not all small business cater mainstream, and for niche products it is important to engage with profiled and targeted consumers.

For example, you own a health shop and sell products that aid weight-loss. Placing a billboard near a gym, local parks, fitness classes would be a major advantage.

Local billboard advertising benefits from the fact that it’s a better alternative to TV or radio advertising, as they are far more expensive and less likely to deliver a ROI.

Remember; when it comes to targeting a specific demographic, the location of your billboard is paramount.

Tailor your message based on customer knowledge

When using billboards to attract a specific audience, you can create an impactful campaign that can engage with customers within a targeted area.

The right advertising message will ensure that you have a billboard that your target audience will understand and relate to.

Use an advertising medium that is free for the user

With the current economy consumers are becoming very price sensitive. They are far more likely to engage with advertising that is free to access. Billboard advertising benefits from it being entirely free to the end user.

By placing a prominent billboard ad at your own expense, you will appear to understand the challenges that local customers face.

So rather than selling your products through mediums that consumers must pay to access, you can market your services through free channels and at the same time create a sense of trust with your audience.


These are just a few benefits of billboard advertising, and there is no doubt that outdoor offers small businesses a unique opportunity to increase their reach with a great return on investment.

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