Artwork creation tips for billboard advertisers

When designed effectively, billboards are a very powerful marketing tool for businesses of all sizes, So in order for you to get the best possible chance of success we have put together some artwork creation tips for billboard advertisers.

Billboard advertisers must have a strategy

You must identify what is your main purpose and what you want to achieve from your billboard advertising design. You may want to increase your brand awareness within the local area, Promote a new product or signpost consumers in the immediate area to your storefront.

Less text = more impact

Billboard advertisers only have about 5-10 seconds to catch the attention of a passing motorist. They have a limited window in order to view your billboard advertising design, read the text and absorb the message.

So one of the most important rules that billboard advertisers need to follow, is to keep the message short. Aim for a maximum of 11 words or less. Couple this with a striking image and you advert will work wonders.

Artwork creation tips for billboard advertisers

A perfect example of less text and a striking image for billboard advertisers to follow


The text of your advert must be large and thick enough to be eligible from close up as well as at distance. Ensure that your text stands out by using a great colour contrast between the background and your text.


More often than not, images portray what words cannot. Choose large, bold and striking images that can be are real head turner from a distance.

Billboard advertisers will make their design more effective through the use of high impact images or photographs that are relevant to their business. There is no doubt that outdoor advertising produces great returns but in order to get an ROI, you must create an advert that engages with your target audience.


The most effective billboard adverts are always the most simple.  Billboard advertisers should always have a clear and brief expression of one idea in their message.

Call to Action

One of the most important parts of billboard advertising is having a strong call to action. Alot of companies ignore this. The reason why its so important that its the one thing that makes customers perform a profitable action towards your business.

The effectiveness of your advert design is tested here when you ask the customer to call, buy or visit your store. The stronger your advert, the more effective your call-for-action would be.

Finally, we hope you found these artwork design tips for billboard advertisers informative. If you would like to know more about the impact of outdoor advertising, please get in touch

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