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Utilising advertising space on billboards to reach your target audience

There are two things to consider when using advertising space on billboards in order to achieve a successful return of investment.

In this post we delve into the factors surrounding the advertising space so that your outdoor campaign can be success:-

  • Choosing the right location.
  • Utilising the advertising space with the right advert design.

Choosing the right locations

One of the most important factors is location. This is vital so that your target audience are able to see your message along with as many of them as possible

1. Visibility

Visibility of the billboard advertising space should be a key part when choosing the location.

Evaluating the visibility of your billboard location:

Ensure the billboard faces head on to the consumer – When your advert is displayed head on it has a much higher impact than a parallel location. Your message will be easier to see from a greater distance and much easier to take in.

Make sure the billboard is not obscured – Choosing a billboard location situated in front of constantly parked cars, high hedges or half of the display is obscured by a building in front is a big no, no and will have an impact on whether or not it will drive you sales and leads.

2. Traffic count 

The higher the traffic count of an arterial road the greater the amount of opportunities there is to see your advert.

We get our traffic counts data government figures, from this we know that over 72 million vehicles drive past our portfolio on a monthly basis. We can provide you with traffic data to all of our sites.

3. Target audience

  • Who is you key target audience?
  • Who do you want through your showroom doors and are more likely to spend with you?
  • Age, Gender and ABC1’S ? .

4. Proximity

Do you want to use a location that is close to your business so you can signpost potential customers to your business? or do you want multiple billboards giving you regional coverage in main towns and cities along the South Coast?


Utilising the advertising space 

No that you have choosing the perfect location(s) for your business its time to put it to use.

Creating the right advert to engage with your desired audience.

1.Do not use more than 9 words!!!

There are plenty of formats that allow time to explain yourself in greater detail (eg) 90 second television advert, but with outdoor advertising spaces keeping it short is vital, you only have a small window of opportunity get someones attention and make them remember it.

2. Colour and contrast

Good contrast between the background and text makes your advertising message stand out.

3. Clear branding and message

To achieve instant recognition stick to clear and large branding with your colours. Keep your creative concise that demonstrates your logo, product, and the call to action. If using other advertising formats alongside billboards make sure they work together.

4. Image use 

Use a powerful image that really pops!! Nothing grabs peoples attention like a high impact image.

If you focus on these two factors your business will have a greater opportunity for success from your advertising space. please get in touch with us today and we can guide you through this really easy process.

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