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10 reasons to use advertising posters

Advertising posters are a common promotional method which is used by alot of companies. Furthermore, Poster adverts are highly visual and are used with images and copy. In addition, A call to action works great for immediate response.

It amplifies a businesses message by creating brand awareness. Most importantly, It drive sales and footfall.

Poster advertising has lots benefits, Lets take a look at below:-

1) Advertising posters are constantly promoting. 

Firstly, Advertising posters are omnipresent and accompany your audience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Poster adverts work hard for your business around the clock. Your business can communicate with these people as they commute to work, shop or Socialise.

2) Poster adverts offer creativity.

Billboard advertising offers unlimited creative potential. Using a poster site for your business will allow your brand to engage with your target audience in a very effective way.

3) Advertising posters are unavoidable

Outdoor advertising is unavoidable. Furthermore, this form of poster advertising cannot be turned off, they’re always delivering 24/7.

How effective are poster adverts

4) Advertising posters are appealing to look at.

The fact of the matter is they are welcomed by people. According to Outsmart, Outdoor is the friendliest form of advertising within the media landscape. Instead of those annoying online pop-up and banner adverts.

5) Billboards are close to point of sale

No other traditional advertising medium is closer to the Point of Sale in terms of immediacy and proximity. More than 70% of all purchasing decisions are made spontaneously and only 30% planned ahead. Poster adverts can alter purchasing decisions when consumers are in a buying frame of mind.

6) Advertising posters provide support

Thanks to geo-marketing, Outdoor advertising campaigns can be planned precisely on a regional basis.  For example when advertisers want to strengthen specific sales territories or support local dealers, OOH can do just that.
 Benefits of advertising posters

7) Advertising posters engage with millennials

Billboards are particularly effective at engaging with younger people and mobile target groups.

8) Poster adverts offer a great ROI.

In an media comparison, the advertising poster scores highest in terms of Return on Investment (ROI). It has the ability to reach a massive, relevant audience in a cost effective way.

9) Poster adverts offers amazing coverage.

No other form of advertising is better when it comes to achieving a high reach and response rates. Poster adverts is a quick response medium.

10) Affordability of advertising posters.

Finally, There is a perception that billboard advertising costs are out of reach for local businesses.

On the contrary, In fact billboards are cheaper than any other advertising format.

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