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Advertising OOH – All you need to know

It’s certainly an exciting time to be considering advertising OOH. The demand for businesses booking out of home advertising campaigns has remained constant. Furthermore, the industry is excited about what the future will hold with the emergence of digital.

The advances of digital technology coupled with the traditional formats benefits has made advertising OOH unavoidable for many marketers and businesses. Lets take a more detailed look at the out-of-home advertising industry.

What is out of home advertising (OOH)?

Out of home (OOH) is advertising that can be found outside of a consumers home. It comes in all shapes and sizes. They include everything from billboards to bus shelters, Street furniture and more. If you see an advert outside of your home then you are looking at some kind of OOH advertising.

We all spend 70% of our waking life outdoors, and with the growth of digital advertising, it can sometimes be hard to get your message heard. Advertising OOH solves this and is now combining with digital advancements to make it a powerful tool for brands and businesses.

Types of OOH advertising examples

Types of OOH advertising 

Billboards and Posters

Billboard advertising is traditionally seen at the roadside and busy traffic light junctions. The largest in the OOH advertising stable.

Buses and Taxis

This form of out-of-home advertising is classed as moving billboards. Adverts can be fixed to the side, rear and inside the vehicles.

Train stations and Airports

Digital screens and sleek advertising units engage with consumers when they are in a high dwell time.

Street furniture and phone kiosks

Situated in mainly pedestrianised areas. These can target shoppers when they are in a buying frame of mind.

benefits of OOH advertising

Benefits of out of home advertising

Out of home advertising can be a brilliant alternative to online digital advertising. Furthermore, Internet campaigns have limitations; for example, the rise of ad blockers has meant that digital ads aren’t always viewed. Combine this with the saturation of information that consumers are faced with online, and it’s easy to understand why digital ads isn’t the best platform.

That cannot be said for outdoor advertising. OOH ads are difficult to avoid, and they can have a significant impact on consumers due to their size and contrast to the real-world environment.

Furthermore, OOH advertising has a positive effect as a complement to digital online advertising. One study found that consumers are 48% more likely to interact with a digital ad after being exposed to an OOH ad first.

What can be done with advertising OOH

Create impactful advertising campaigns

The reason why brands and businesses love OOH advertising is its due to the creative impact that it has on consumers. They take notice of these large OOH adverts.

OOH advertising campaigns can’t be ignored, compared to TV, radio, or mobile, which can often be turned off, tuned out or switched over.

This means that businesses can create highly visual, impactful campaigns that attract the attention of consumers and allow brands to get their message to cut through.

Be creative

Advertising OOH is the perfect place for creativity to thrive within the urban landscape. Large scale advertising spaces allow for memorable and impactful designs. Couple this with the need to provide a clear and lasting message, it’s perfect for testing some of a brand’s most creative ideas.

Use location intelligently

Out-of-home advertising is mainly driven by location. Therefore, Advertisers must consider where to place their OOH ads in order to engage with their target market..

With the rise of digital outdoor advertising (DOOH), advertisers can now do much more with location than previously available.

For example, it’s possible to understand, in real-time, the demographics of consumers that are nearby to OOH ad inventory. Based on this, advertisers can deliver dynamic ads that best suit the consumers at any given moment.

OOH advertising has caught up with digital online. Campaign impressions can be measured, and attribution is now possible. Therefore, Making OOH advertising a powerful tool for any business.

Digital OOH advertising

Out of home advertising trends

The digital element of the OOH advertising industry is growing quickly. Its expected to grow rapidly with most traditional billboards being replaced by digital screens.

While the majority of the OOH sites are still traditional, more digital screens are now playing a crucial part in OOH advertising campaigns.

Digital screens are providing optimisation. Therefore, advertisers can use more targeted messaging.

The digital innovation is no longer in its infancy. Advertisers have shown precisely how effective digital OOH can be.

Better and more accurate data is assisting in these innovations. Advertisers can now offer dynamic media based on the demographic and behaviour of mobile devices in real-time.

Real-time advertising is critical, but in reality, it is part of a growing trend in which the industry is becoming a more reactive solution. The large amount of data that marketers now have at their disposal is fueling this. This versatility is driving OOH personalisation and leading to fantastic results for advertisers that are using DOOH to achieve their goals.

Purchasing digital OOH media programmatically

A considerable advancement in the space is the Programmatic buying of OOH media.

This was previously a process between the advertiser, digital marketing agency, and the owner of the OOH.

The buying of OOH inventory has not just become automated and available to buy instantly. Still, it is now available in many of the same platforms and locations that marketers can purchase their mobile or display ads. Because of this, advertisers can now build campaigns seamlessly across several channels and mediums, including OOH.

Real time purchasing of advert impressions facilitates the use of first and third-party data sets. Encompassing this into campaigns can have the same effect that it has had in the world of digital marketing.

OOH measurement

One of the areas where the OOH industry struggled in comparison to digital media is in the area of measurement. Marketers can see detailed insights into the effect that their digital campaigns are having on awareness and conversions, all quantifiable and easily visualized. But now data has enabled this for the OOH industry.

Furthermore, brands can now see the number of impressions an OOH ad has generated. Analytics and insights have moved on from using surveys to gauge these metrics.

But this innovation with data doesn’t end with impressions. Smart data can help to close the out of home attribution loop. Movement data around store visits can bring digital attribution to the offline world and OOH ads.

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Next steps

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