Advertising Boards

Using advertising boards to reach your target audience

Advertising boards and outdoor advertising is one of the most cost effective ways to reach your target audience. If you want your campaign to be successful, Amplify Outdoor suggest that you follow these simple steps. Furthermore, We’ll help you identify the customers that you want through your showroom doors.

Location of the advertising boards

Consider the lives of your target audience. Where do they tend to be spend their time throughout a typical day? Commuting to and from work, socialising, shopping.

Amplify Outdoor offer the perfect billboard advertising locations that can engage with your target audience in a cost effective manner

Market to the individuals needs.

Determining your target audiences needs is one of the first steps of the purchase process. Identifying needs for customers instead of waiting for customers to see it for themselves.

Communicate the benefits.

Make certain that your advertising message for your business, product and service regarding offers something that would benefit your target market.

If you are targeting a youth audience, focus strongly on your advert content engaging in order for them to relate to it.

The process.

The steps below that surround the purchasing process. Reaching your target audience at every one of these steps is key to success.

  • Perception of need – Do more than indicate the availability and service to customers who have  a need. Go beyond that and determine the need for your customers who may not have yet realised what it is yet.
  • The valuable of your product and service – Exposure is king, and when customers are looking for ways to fulfil a need or solve a problem, your company and its products must be visible so they can engage with it.
  • Assessing your competitors – In order for your potential customers to choose you over your competitors when they are in the purchasing process you need the advantage. Determine what you have over your competitors and run with it in your advertising boards advertising creative.
  • Make sure they choose you – Stand out of the crowd by using advertising boards and billboards when your competitors are still using the same old quarter page advert. Portray your products and service in large format advertising and how they are far better than your competitors.
  • Customer feedback – Always gain customer feedback for best results so you can analyse results and how you can improve on your future advertising campaign, your product and service.
  • Assess non repeat business – Slumps are often the best time to reevaluate and seek feedback. Consider running another campaign on advertising boards in order to put your business and products back in the forefront of the consumers minds.

Amplify Outdoor can plan and implement a campaign on advertising boards for all market sectors from retail, education, socialising, Tourism, the care industry to name a few. Please get in touch today for more info

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