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Achieving an ROI from billboard advertising

Every businesses main objective is achieving an ROI from billboard advertising when they plan and book this format. Whether you are running a short or long term billboard campaign it guarantees exposure for your business to millions of potential customers even if you want to target a broad or niche audience.

Billboard advertising offers creativity within the local area and when your advert incorporates a call to action it can bring a sense of credibility to your brand or product.

Unlike using online marketing, outdoor advertising is a different creature when it comes to targeting and successfully monitoring the results of the campaign.

Following an easy structure and taking into account the points below, you can ensure there will be a great chance of achieving an ROI from billboard advertising.

return on investment from billboards

So how can you plan on achieving an ROI from billboard advertising?


Identify your target audience

Lets start at the beginning. You need to have a very clear understanding of who you want to reach with your billboard adverts. Are you looking to engage with a certain gender? age group? income bracket? particular interests? and so on.

It is vital that you Identify your ideal target audience so you can have a fighting chance of gaining a return on your investment.

Another method is searching through existing customer data to try and get an understanding of the customers already purchasing your products or services. The more you understand about your potential customers, the more successfully you’ll reach them.

Choosing the right billboard advertising Locations

Don’t blow your advertising spend on locations that has low footfalls or little vehicular traffic. Use your existing customer data search for locations with the largest number of people in your target demographic. You can contact us and we can help you search for advertising spaces in your preferred locations.

Achieving an ROI from billboard advertising

Clarity of your advertising message

With regards to billboards, ‘less is more’ when creating the ad content. Outdoor advertising should utilise white space and give a concise message that doesn’t overload those passing by. Brevity and clarity are key. Don’t be afraid to keep it simple- you only have a small window of opportunity to capture attention, so use images to get you message across.

Measure your ROI using a Call to Action

Tracking the success of your billboard advertising campaign can sometimes be difficult. How do you know if you are getting a good Return-on-Investment without the obvious results?

Put a plan in place to track your campaign. Consider incorporating a strong call-to-action within your creative. Here’s a few examples:- :

  • Include a unique promotional code that offers an exclusive deal to customers who see your billboard advert.
  • Create a unique landing page.
  • Utilise a hashtag to encourage activity on social media.

Using the information from tracking your adverts, you can calculate the effectiveness of your campaign. It doesn’t have to be a guessing game when it comes to knowing how to get a good ROI on your billboard advertising.


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